Odds and Ends

It's been far too long since my last mix so here's a selection of tracks that bear no relation to one another, other than the fact that they've been on my mind and in my ears.

Cassius - Foals
What a deliciously addictive song this is. I would put it right up there with MGMT's Kids, in terms of having a rhythm section that gets you moving without fail. Resonant beats anyone?

Pounding - Doves
I was told to listen to Doves' album The Last Broadcast because apparently it sounded like my own band. I can't say I agree, but at least I found a great album in the process.

To Me Now - Mercy Arms
"Why did Mercy Arms make me think they were fuckwits. Their music is actually good." These are the words of my housemate and I couldn't agree more. Mercy Arms' debut album is actually quite impressive, especially the slower songs. But something about this band has pushed me to the point where I struggle to enjoy them. Shame

Heart of Chambers - Beach House
Beach House make such mellow and relaxing music. I never got to learn the words, because from the second time through their album, I've found myself wailing along to the melodies. They're just too inviting. I would also recommend seeing them live. The epic use of reverb makes for a rich, dreamy atmosphere.

Lights Out - Santogold
I heard song this once and had an instant urge to blog about it. It came right out of left field. I like some of the other Santogold songs, but they can certainly be a little irritating. This song, however, is model in pleasantness. It features smooth vocal medleys, peaking brilliantly and moves along at such a nice pace, never trying to be too much. Love it!