In just one week the Laneway Festival will be arriving in Sydney. It’s about as close as Australia will ever get to an indie goldmine and if you haven’t already got your ticket, I strongly suggest you do. The line-up is pretty much blemish-free, which is quite amazing, with a great mix of local and international acts. Unfortunately this means there’ll be plenty of clashes, especially with 3 stages all operating independently. For those who are attending, you may be interested in this timetable I put together that allows you to visualise such clashes and plan your day.

Below is a collection of mp3s that approximately represents what my day will consist of. Many great bands will have to be ignored, but there is just so much competition. I’ll mainly be attending the international acts as you can never guarantee they’ll come back. Dappled Cities Fly, you can live without me. For more information about this festival (bands, tickets etc.) try the official website. It all takes place at Circular Quay on March 4. Hope to see you there!

The Crayon FieldsImpossible Things
Dan KellyGet High On Your Own Supply
The Temper TrapSirens
Love Is AllBusy Doing Nothing
Camera ObscuraSuspended From Class
Youth GroupForever Young
The WalkmenGood For You’s Good For Me
SnowmanYou Are A Casino
Peter Bjorn & JohnAmsterdam
Yo La Tengo Mr Tough


Alli said...

That sounds amazing!
Too bad I live thousands of miles away:P

Thanks for the downloads, those are some great songs!!

pat said...

nice stuff

Rock Daze said...

I'd go pretty much to see the whistle song performed live

Peter said...

The question is whether the whistling is real or not...all will be revealed soon