The Playground Weekender

Speaking of festivals, The Playground Weekender is also due to take place very soon. It's part of the increasingly popular trend of festivals that are geared as much towards the atmosphere as they are towards the music and it promises to be a rich cultural experience. Taking place over 3 days and situated 1.5 hours out of Sydney, it definitely seems to be marketing itself as a nice, relaxing escape. But regardless of all the frilly extras, a festival will nearly always boil down to the music and here The Playground Weekender does not disappoint with a formidable collection of local and international acts, spanning a diverse range of genres. If you're poor like me, you'll be glad to hear that the folks over at Twelve Major Chords have 10 double passes to give away. The rest of you 'employed' people can get your tickets over at the official website.

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