Thom Yorke - The Eraser

There is no doubt that Radiohead have incredible pulling power. There seems to be only two types of fans; those who have a limited experience with them and think they’re alright (myself included) and those who border on obsession. It’s a sign of an incredible band when anyone who actually takes the time to listen to their music, falls in love with them. Yet despite these obvious signs, many people who absolutely adore OK Computer and have all the other albums sitting on their computer (myself included), never bother to listen to them. Disappointing, I know. But I wonder whether this trend of obsession hasn’t tainted the judgement behind some of the praise directed towards this Thom Yorke solo project. Because from my position (a fan who isn’t yet obsessed), I found it rather unspectacular. Was this album brilliant in its own right or was it just good enough to quench the thirst created by previous Radiohead greatness? I probably haven't listened enough to either to give a valid opinion but at the moment I’m leaning towards the latter .

MP3: Cymbal Rush


kone said...

It seems unjust to choose one of the most boring songs off the album to represent it, though sortof similar to other tracks on the album it would have to be one of the most minimalist sounding, slowest tempo and lowest on rhythm songs.

Rock Daze said...

To sum up this album would be to say that it is not a bad album but kind of made up of album fillers that could of been on a radiohead album.

Yorke's voice is amazing as ever but yeah the album is crazy and cool but ultimately boring because it is made up of fillers. The songs just don't grab the listener

Peter said...

hmmm interesting. I actually chose that song because I was lazy and in a rush. It ranked highly over at A Reminder
by Sean who I believe is a big fan of the album, so I assumed it was one of the best and didn't take the time to pick one myself...oh well.

Sean said... is probably my favourite off the record, but i mainly posted it often because he performed it live (didn't post the studio version).

i won't stand here and say this is the greatest record ever, but i really do enjoy it. some of thom's best melodies in quite some time.

Wayne said...

I think I agree with you on this. The last couple of Radioheads albums didn't do it for me. Maybe I should listen to The Eraser more but I found it a bit sterile and soulless.

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