Monday (+1) Mix #27

EnergyThe Apples in Stereo
I’d heard of this band here or there, but it was only very recently that I actually got around to listening to them. As I put in New Magnetic Wonder, their latest album, I instantly liked what I heard. This song sums them up perfectly; powerful, energetic and happy. If you like what you hear, I’d definitely recommend looking further into them.

Let’s Replace The Cityscapes - The Triangles
If you thought the song above was happy, get ready for an explosion of pure joy. I remember hearing and liking The Triangles a while back, but clearly they got lost in the pile. When this song appeared on a mix CD, I was reminded just how much I enjoyed it.

Round & RoundThe Smallgoods
That mix CD (Half A Cow compilation) continued deliver as it finally gave me an opportunity to hear The Smallgoods. I’d seen their name on chalkboards and posters around the place, but never actually listened to them. I like what I hear.

Alligator SnapTokyo Blonde
I’m still debating whether I like this song or just find it annoying. Tokyo Blonde really impressed me with their last batch of demos, so at first I was a little disappointed by their debut EP. However, the chorus to this song really grabs me so now I’m left unsure. You be the judge. One way or the other, they’re a band to watch and I look forward to seeing them live some time.

The Way – Record Producer
This is a bizarre little song out of Melbourne that has somehow ended up in my possession. I don’t really know anything about the band or what their story is (good luck finding them on the internet), in fact, pretty much all I do know about this song is that I like it. And as far I’m concerned, that’s all that’s needed.


Estelle said...

just got tickets to see Stars in two weeks. I am so siked. Arcade Fire was amazing, can't wait to see what another great Canadian Band can do plus you can't loose with Amy Milan.

Sam said...

I've been searching so hard for The Way after hearing it on JJJ and today I found it! Just wanted to say thank you!

Anonymous said...

Record Producer - 'The Way'
Record Producer is a brand new project for two of Melbourne's most talented musicians – a master pop craftsman and a razor sharp beatsmith who've come together to make heavenly pop hits together. They're not telling us who they are, but they are letting you download it here for free!

Anonymous said...

It might be Goyte.

eideann said...

I heard "The Way" in the car yesterday and my friends cruelly changed teh station before I got to hear what it was called.
Is it fate or what that i remembered to check your blog today??

Anonymous said...

I heard this when on Holiday in November in Australia on Triple J. Thanks for putting it up here, as I loved it and couldn't find it elsewhere (thanks to anonymous for the triple J link!)

jono said...

Thankyou so much for The Way, heard it on the j, what a ripper of a tune, cheers again

Anonymous said...

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