The Hopetoun Hotel's Melbourne Menagerie!

Just in case you didn't have enough great shows to go to in January, here's another one. This Saturday, three of Melbourne's finest indie-pop bands are coming up to Sydney to play one special show at The Hopetoun Hotel. It's an overdose of super sweet sounds. Melbourne really does beat us hands down when it comes to making warm, energetic and fun music. It's sure to be a treat. Here's some samples by each of the bands:

The Zebras - You Look Ready
Summer Cats - Discotheque
The Motifs - Backwards

Sydney band, Our Monk, will also be opening on the night.

More details here

Can't wait!


Darragh said...

Ah c'mon, the Zebras are a brisbane band who recently relocated to melbourne! :)

Infrason said...

I didn't know the Motifs.
That's so great! Thanks!