Monday Mix #31

The Opposite Of HallelujahJens Lekman
After the success of ‘Your Arms Around Me’ it really comes as no surprise that Jens Lekman has released an album full of nicely polished pop gems. The lyrics can occasionally get a little awkward, but this is always made up for in pure sweetness.

123456 (Pardon Us)Aleks and The Ramps
Speaking of lyrics, this song has some rather interesting ones. I bought Aleks and The Rams’ debut album on the back of some rather impressive reviews and I must admit, I was a little disappointed. It’s undoubtedly good and certainly different, but it just failed to grab me. Then again, I’m yet to see them live which could turn things around.

Love Goes On!
The Go-Betweens
How unAustralian of me, that I’ve only just got into The Go-Betweens. It hasn’t taken much, though and I’m now beginning to realise just how great they are. That signature acoustic sound of theirs never fails to deliver. If you’re yet to be convinced, it will only take one listen of 16 Lovers Lane to turn you around.

While We Go Dancing
The White Rabbits
I’m not quite sure how I ended up with The White Rabbits’ album, but all of a sudden I found myself listening to a band I’d never heard of before, with no idea what to expect. It didn’t come immediately, but I’m really coming to appreciate their music.

They Made Frogs Smoke Til They ExplodedMum
Mum are another band out of Iceland making some really unique music. It’s incredibly weird at times, and I’m surprised that I actually like it. This song probably isn’t the best, but I wanted to include it for the cool video they’ve made for it.


Anonymous said...

hi! You know, i have been a fan of your blog ever since i discovered it (been a few months i think). and anyway, i just thought to let you know that i think your blog is really a great site for the music fanatic. it keeps me up to date with the bands i have never heard of yet. so thanks!

Peter said...

no problem! for some reason, as soon as I as saw the name tanner, i thought canadian. and i was right. how bout that?

groselha said...

great blog!

Alex s said...

Yep you should definitely see Aleks and the Ramps live. Quite an experience. Although I really like 'Brain' off that album I agree it's a bit patchy, nothing really lives up to that track for sheer awesomeness.