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I Get AroundThe Beach Boys
Last week I had the pleasure of seeing Brian Wilson. Despite him missing many of his lines, barely touching his keyboard and just generally being out of it, it was an incredible show. It really is testimony to his genius and the strength of the Beach Boys material. His band were also excellent, especially Jeff Foskett who really carried the performance. Don’t ever let anyone put you down for listening to a bunch of men singing falsetto harmonies. It’s heavenly.

From Little Things, Big Things GrowPaul Kelly
Also playing at this show was Paul Kelly. It must have been over 5 years since I’d listened to his music, but it was still fresh in my mind. This song at the end was a highlight. It was also amusing to see a guy up the back, jumping up and down the whole time yelling “we’re so lucky!”. Either he REALLY likes Paul Kelly, or he got lost on his way to the Fuzzy party.

Oregon GirlSomeone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
I’m in the very early stages of listening to this band, but so far I like what I hear. This song has a very Weezer feel to it, but it’s just one of the many different styles they produce. I’m really not sure why they’re not better known. Perhaps they went a little TOO far with the weird name thing.

Your NameOh! Custer
The latest trend I’ve been noticing is the emergence of labels that regularly put out 3 inch CDs by various bands. I’m not sure if any labels here in Australia are doing it, but I know a couple of Aussie bands have been involved, including two that I mentioned in my last post. Perhaps the most prominent of these labels is Cloudberry Records, who have been pumping out three of these CDs per month. The folks at Skatterbrain and IndieMP3 have been kind enough to compile their top ten, which you can download as an album. Get them while they last.

ParachuteShugo Tokumaru
Keeping with the theme of plugging other blogs’ lists, Off The Record, have put out some rather interesting Best of 2007 ones. I was rather surprised to see so many releases I didn’t recognise, as well as a number of international albums. It’s a refreshing change to the more or less identical lists that seem to be popping up elsewhere.


Georgie Fame said...

Thanks for Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. I had not heard these guys before and will give them a go. Their name is too long though!

Chris said...

I love Oh! Custer!