The Little Ones - Morning Tide

A couple of weeks back, I was reminded of a relatively unknown Californian band called The Little Ones. What were they up to I wondered. After all, they had once held a special place in my heart. They were one of just two international bands that have released an EP that I really got into. The other was Voxtrot. I'm not saying that Australian bands are the only ones capable of producing good EPs. That would be ludicrous. But with a local band, an EP holds more relevance, because you can go out and see that band live. International EPs just depress you by the fact you won't get to see them for a good few years. It's not a very sensible argument, but still, I have a tendancy to wait for an album before judging a band and getting all excited. But with The Little Ones, the lure was just too much. Their EP was a brilliant collection of pop gems that had me seeing a summery visions of The Shins. But many months went by and I forgot about them. That's why it was such a pleasant surprise to look up what they've been up to and discover that they've just released an album, called Morning Tide. I can very happily report that it takes off where the EP left off. It took me a few listens to really fall in love (when doesn't it?), but I am well and truly there now. The same, impressive consistency of their EP remains. Every song has it owns bubbly charm and has me singing along. They may not have truly outstanding tracks here, but they've got an album full of great ones. I'm yet to hear a disappointing song by this band. If you haven't heard them yet, get to it!

Morning Tide


zoharara said...

oh I like The Little Ones from what music of theirs I have heard, and I have the track 'Ordinary Song' as it is sweet pop. 'Morning Tide' contains the sunny elements of pop music that I really love. As you said, they aren't truly outstanding but they are nothing short of adorable Sunday music.

GatesyGirl said...

I saw these guys live in the basement of a church (with voxtrot might I add and the 1990's) and they were phenomenal! Their energy was so great and their music was great live. They also sold their own merch so fans got to sit down and chat with them. Very cool and down to earth guys.

Have you heard any Ra Ra Riot? It's getting some buzz here in Northeastern US.

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