Aussie Music Blogs

In recent times, Australian music blogging has flourished, to the point that we now represent almost 0.001% of the American equivalents. During this rise of the Aussie music blog, it has been encouraging to see that much support has been shown between the emerging players, support that I myself have benefited from. And so it is time for me to return the favour and tell you about some of the great Aussie music blogs that you may find interesting. But don’t think I’m doing this purely out of obligation; these are sites that I enjoy myself and genuinely recommend you check out. Plus, many of these sites offer something quite different to what I do and we all know a little variety is always good. Just promise you won’t abandon me for them. They are:

Regularly Visited

  • The Sandwich Club – This site is probably the most comprehensive Aussie music blog around. It even has its own monthly gig! These guys have a sense of humour, great tastes in music and never ending supply sandwich metaphors. They feature the best music from all over the world.
  • Who The Bloody Are They? – The site is purely devoted to the noble task of exposing great Australian talent and is a nice way to get to know some of our best. You hear about a new artist each day and are given audio streams to sample
  • Get Big, Little Kid – Another great little site offering interesting odds and ends. This includes news, band info, mp3s and gig guides.

Should Probably Visit More Often

Not Quite 'Music Blogs'

  • Boudist – Photos from a great Sydney photographer. Some are so good that I’ve used them here
  • Rocking Hoarse – A Sydney gig guide that offers comprehensive information on what’s happening around town.

If I’ve missed anyone out or made any mistakes, let me know and I’ll fix it. Enjoy!


Jack said...

Thanks for the plug mate! You are welcome in the lounge any time :)

Baron von Hutch said...

Hey Peter... thanks as well!

Also just checked out The Chalets - awesome. I've grown a thing for female and male leads in bands. I can see them becoming a favourite very quickly

Peter said...

No worries all round. Yeah the male/female stuff in The Chalets is unlike anything i've heard before but it works REALLY well

Pix said...

im a bit late on the uptake but from the whiteboydancefloor crew thanx heaps.

the aussie blog community is certainly flourishing! and not in a bad way like the US where theyre feed watered down puss by gorilla v bear and stereogum.

yeh i said it.