20. Dappled Cities Fly

Ah, what about better way to end a feature on Sydney music than with Dappled Cities Fly. Their quirky art rock has established them as one of Sydney’s favourite treasures. However they won’t be ours to treasure for long. Having already toured internationally and recorded they’re forthcoming album, Granddance, over in a town called Hollywood, in places such as the famed sunset studios, they are set to leave us in favour of a world that’s willing to pay them a lot more money. Now I’m going to assume you already know this band well, because to put it simply, you should. Their debut album was a breathe of fresh air in an often stagnant market and their live performances are always entertaining. They may not be everybody’s cup of tea but then again how could you resist clever pop music sung by not one, but two high-pitched vocalists? Originally I hoped to bring you some new material, maybe a demo or even something rare, but not only did I run out of time, the lure of A Smile was too great. But in doing so, I’d thought I’d add a twist and pick a song by Tim. Too often does the hipper, handsomer and slightly taller Dave steal the limelight, when in reality, Tim’s songs are of equal greatness and his on-stage antics integral to the band’s entertainment value. His signature jerking and heartfelt wailing bring as much energy to the show as Dave does ladies. But just as the band isn’t all Dave, it isn’t all Tim. It’s 4 great guys who epitomise what making music is all about, entertaining and having fun in the process.

Dappled Cities Fly - As I Lay Dying

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