17. Red Riders

Red Riders would have to be right up their with my favourite Sydney bands. Their two EP’s are incredibly promising and they’re live shows never disappoint. With an album due out any day now, you can understand that I’m just a tad excited. Having seen them live many times, I’ve already gotten a feel for what’s in stall and it sounds great. Their sound has definitely evolved over the years. Their early demos were sketchy to say the least and this was reflected in their first EP. While it too was also a bit rough on the edges, it began to allow their cleverly devised pop elements to shine through. They’re second EP completed the transition with a much cleaner and more polished sound. This collection of 5 great songs saw them reaching the perfect balance between pop and rock, it was indie music at it’s best. Only time will tell what direction they’ll take with latest offering, but the tracks they’ve played live hint at a move towards a dancier sound. What’s for sure is that however it sounds, it will be damn catchy. It’s the one thing they’ve always managed to do well and the secret behind their incredible success. When they play live, the atmosphere is infectious and you can’t help but have a great time. This song is the first single off the debut album, look out for a full review when it finally arrives.

Red Riders (Previously 1, 2) - Slide In Next To Me

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