Sydney Music!!

If you previously thought I lacked the necessary local music for a Sydney music blog, think it no more. Over the next 10 days you will be hearing about 20 of the best Sydney bands (yes, that’s two every day). By no means is this a definitive guide to Sydney music scene but simply a snapshot (a comprehensive one at that) of what’s out there, waiting to be enjoyed. These are the bands you should go and see live. These are the bands whose records you should buy (not just because you CAN’T find them on the internet but because they deserve it). Here you will find descriptions of three-fold proportions, pictures for vision, text for knowledge and of course a sample mp3 so you can hear what they actually sound like. So without further ado, let me introduce:

  • Belles Will Ring
  • Bertie Blackman
  • Bridezilla
  • The Cops
  • D'arcy
  • Dappled Cities Fly
  • Expatriate
  • Gerling
  • Howling Bells
  • I [Love] Space
  • La Huva
  • Mercy Arms
  • Old Man River
  • The Paper Scissors
  • Pinky Tuscadero
  • Starky
  • Red Riders
  • The Valentinos
  • Wolfmother
  • Youth Group

    Plus more...

    Anonymous said...

    i sent you an email

    Peter said...

    That's nice. But seriously, with no idea who you are I don't know what to look for. What email did you send it to? I didn't notice anything that might have been yours.....then again knowing who you are might just help slightly in this regard. So um yeh, please elaborate...

    mel said...

    sorry, that was me. just need some music related help

    Jack said...

    Best. Opera House. Ever. Sorry, I just had to comment! Nice blog by the way!

    Fellow Sydney Music Blogger

    Peter said...

    haha I reckon! Though I must admit I can't take credit for it. I was crawling the internet for a picture that epitomised sydney and that rendition of the opera house so accurately captured our true thoughts of it that i couldn't let it pass by (i'm not belittling the opera house in any way, it's pretty incredible when you stop and think about it, but it's also a bit.....weird)

    Bad Fact Guy said...

    just off the topic of music and still on the opera house, it may be weird but its much better then what was voted 2nd and 3rd. One looks like a giant sckyscraping hostpital/carpark, the other one just some shitty flat bunker looking thing. The actual original design is also a bit differnt to the sails, it looked more like thos tarpolins you get for parties cept without the points

    Peter said...

    That is a lot of facts...but yeah I love the opera house, I think it was a great choice. What has Melbourne got that comes close? Nothing i tell you, nothing. I saw this model that the architect made as guide which apparently took 15 years to make. It may have been ten years but it was something crazy

    ~Lisa said...

    Hey Peter.
    Wow. You take your music very seriously. I like it. For that I will give you my yellow shoes.

    Not really. By the way i have BROWN hair. I was quite offended.. that I could be mistaken for the classic blonde bimbo. eck!
    *makes peace sign*

    Peter said...'re too kind...but seriously, I want those shoes... anyway, brown/blonde same thing. I'm colourblind so I have an excuse.

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