Regular John

I really don’t know where to start considering I have never actually watched this band and all I’ve heard by them are the two tracks on their myspace. But what I do know is clearly this band has shown some promise, because otherwise they wouldn’t be here. Regular John made it to Homebake by winning the Hopetoun Incentive competition. While this may not have been as competitive as Triple J’s Unearthed competition, it’s mere format suggests that they may well be worth a look. You see unlike Unearthed, which is largely based on demo’s that bands send in, Hopetoun Incentive is based purely on live performances. The fact Regular John won must mean their live show is pretty impressive. Listening to their music, this is quite easy to imagine. It’s loud and it’s fast and I can see it translating to an energetic live show.

Zommunist Party – At first the noise of this song just washed over me, but the more I listen to it, the more I come to appreciate their appeal. The song ranges from the intense moments where everything seems to be thrown in, to times when the wailing guitars are left to unravel, but what's really important is it would go off live!


Anonymous said...

Reg John are the Shit!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I Fucking Second that!! they kicked arse at Karnivool.