Pixies - Come On Pilgrim

While it is features only 8 tracks and goes for just 20 minutes, Come On Pilgrim is generally considered an album rather than an EP. It was the Pixies' first and it set the tone for the greatness that would follow. Song after song comes on with its own hard-hitting sound and there isn’t a dud in sight. It’s a trend lasted throughout their career and they continue to amaze me with their success ratio that’s up there with likes of The Beatles. It’s testimony to their brilliance but it also makes it annoyingly hard to choose just two songs for sampling. Unlike many bands, their first album doesn’t under-produced, though this is because the rough edge you hear is signature to the Pixies’ sound. If you don’t love it yet, you soon will. The album sees Frank Black flex his creative muscle and show us what he’s capable of. The sound ranges from loud screaming to softer, heartfelt crooning, often within the same song, as well as so much more. On top of all the familiar Pixies sounds, it’s also filled with wacky lyrics and irregular changes; both staples of their later work. These 8 songs are all terrific in their own right and as a package they form an incredibly formidable debut effort. It was a warning to the world that something very big was on the horizon.

Caribou – This song really highlights the depth of Black’s vocal work. One moment he’s reaching the higher notes with ease and the next he’s yelling with every last breath. For such an unlikely mix, it works surprisingly well.

The Holiday Song – I am in love with this riff. Every time it comes on, I become that little bit happier. I’m even more favourable to it because I had a live copy on my computer (which unfortunately has disappeared) that sounds even better. Fingers crossed they’ll play it when I see them.

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