Young & Restless

I must be the only Australian Blogger that is yet to write about Young & Restless. To be honest, this is because I’ve never really liked them that much. For one this because their music is at a dangerous level of heaviness but I also think it is because I haven’t seen them live. So much has said about their thrilling on-stage performances, especially of the exciting antics of front woman, Karina Utomo, that I get the feeling that I haven’t experienced them where they truly shine. Clearly they are a high quality act, otherwise the prudent blogging community would never have embraced them so fully. Even the fact that they’re playing Homebake is a sign of their worth. To get there, they had to win Triple J’s unearthed competition, which meant beating hundreds of other promising young bands (no mean feat!). With all the hints piling up, I have finally gotten around to giving this band a proper listen and I’m finally beginning to see what everyone has been on about. Their heaviness is no long an issue but rather an asset and I am enjoying the melodies that can be found guiding all the noise. I wanted to see this band when I didn’t even like them, now I just can’t wait.

Dirty Kicks – Such screaming and guitar thrashing in a song is usually off-putting to me but Young & Restless manage to get away with it. I think it’s the thought of how great it would sound live that allows me to overcome it

Police! Police! – This song shows that they aren’t just all about big noise. Karens vocals actually sound good when softened down and in isolation. Still, a bit of screaming is thrown in just for good measure.


Anonymous said...

Would you happen to now their myspace?
I can't seem to find them.

Peter said...

the post actually links to their myspace. Just click their name where it's highlighted.


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