Agnes Kain - Keep Walking or I'll Kill You

It’s weird. I’ve been buying music lately. This shouldn’t be a rare occasion, but sadly it is. I’ll save the whole music downloading debate for another day, but something’s not right, that’s for sure. So whether it’s an act of redemption or simply a reaction to the incompleteness of illegal markets, I’ve been doing my bit and supporting some local artists. Agnes Kain are one of those artists and I am now the proud owner of their debut album, Keep Walking Or I’ll Kill You. Don’t be fooled by the dark title, this is an album filled with warm moments and joyful melodies. Agnes Kain are a Sydney duo who like to keep things simple. The album was recorded in their bedroom and at no time do you feel like you’re being bombarded with excessive production. It is in this open environment that the beauty of these songs really shines through. The powerful female vocals are wrapped in an array of instrumentation, from violins to glockenspiels, transforming their memorable melodies into outstanding pop music. They find the perfect balance between depth and simplicity, producing a light-hearted atmosphere and that seems to float by as you get caught up in it. I’ll certainly be coming back to this album any time I feel like chilling out. Put them on, wait for your smile to arrive and then just relax.

All Time High – This is such a happy and spirited song, I feel like jumping around on the spot. Next time they play it live, they better watch out.

Puddles & Mud – Again, something about their music makes me feel light. This song demonstrates their cuter side, complete with hand claps. It has all the hallmarks of heartfelt home-made recording.

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