Monday Mix #25

Living So Well - The Crayon Fields
The Crayon Fields are pretty much the best band ever. It's the kind of music that you might get mocked for liking, but you don't care because you're so wrapped up in their warm and fuzzy sound. All evil could be swiftly eliminated if everyone just began listening to the pure happiness that The Crayon Fields create. Now, just when I thought they couldn't get any cooler, they put out this video which perfectly captures the spirit of one of my all time favourite songs. Yay!

Coffee & TV - Blur
You simply can't present a collection of music videos without including this classic by Blur. It's one of the few clips out there that simultaneously plays a song and tells a story and gets it right. I had always enjoyed this song, but as soon I saw this video, I fell in love. It's an all round brilliant piece of work. Plus that milk guy is undeniably cool.

Mr. Ice Cream - Soft Tigers
Soft Tigers are one of the funniest bands going around Sydney. Last week I saw them play with a band member missing and they produced one of the most shambolic sets ever. It was hilarious. A few members of the audience clearly didn't get it and were wondering how they could even afford instruments, let alone be given a stage to perform on. For the rest of us, we knew it Soft Tigers at their best. This light-hearted approach to their music is carried on into their videos which are always good for a laugh. This latest one is no exception and brings the brilliant Mr. Ice Cream to life with flying colours.

Push The Tempo - Fat Boy Slim
As far as music videos go, I don't think anyone out there has been as consistent as Fat Boy Slim. The music alone has never really captured me, but when combined with the brilliant videos, I'm a big fan. There was a lot to choose from, but I think Push The Tempo will always be my favourite. It's just so stupid and funny that it always delivers.

Her Spirit Knows - By The Fireside
This is a video that's had quite an impact on me lately. It was my first introduction to the band and now as I listen through their album, it is continually sitting there in the back of my mind. It is quite dark and creepy and gives you insight into the rather bizarre world of By The Fireside.


Alex S said...

Yeah how freaking good is that Crayon Fields song? Sly Hats also blows my mind. ARGH!

Estelle said...

i just filmed a movie this weekend with the guy in the fatboy slim video rockefeller skank. He was the cowboy who flipped the coin and did a breakdancing head spin. The movie we shot in L.A was about breakdancing. My fav fatboy video is the christopher walken one. it's Epic.