EP Launches: John Columbus & Cloud Control

Not that I’ve ever personally done it, but I can imagine that launching your very first EP must be quite a special occasion. To finally get your name cemented in music’s history books would have to be satisfying. In reality, it’s one of the more minor steps in the path to musical greatness, but to the fledgling band, it certainly doesn’t feel that way. Well it just so happens that two of my current favourite Sydney bands are going to be reaching this milestone; ON THE SAME DAY. On Saturday, October 13, Cloud Control and John Columbus will each be unleashing their debut EPs unto the world.

Cloud Control

EP: Self-Titled

1. She's Crazy & She Doesn't Care
Buffalo Country
3. Fine Teacher
4. Vintage Books
5. In Your World
6. Into The Line

Launch: Headlining the 'Art, Bitch' event, The Loft

8pm, Saturday, Oct 13

Cloud Control are as tasty as they come. Imagine smooth crisp guitars, slicing through a thick layer of bass and drums and topped off with a helping of zippy keyboards. Add to this a pair of compelling vocals that grab your attention with their sheer power and might. Finally, wrap this all up into some of the most addictive pop songs ever written. I could be pretending I know how to analyse music OR I could be talking about the wonderful Cloud Control. With such enticing music and lively performances, it’s little wonder that they have me following them around like a salivating dog. After much anticipation, their debut release has finally arrived and oh what a joyous occasion it is. Cloud Control are destined for greatness.

John Columbus

EP: The Toll ($10)

1. Somethings Wrong
2. Absolutely Frozen
Song for the Supermarket
4. The Toll

Launch: Douple EP launch with Sui Zhen (more EP's!), The Factory Theatre

8pm, Saturday, Oct 13

I’ve only known John Columbus for a very short time, but they’ve already managed to have quite a significant impact on me. Their music isn’t the type that hits you instantly, rather it gradually creeps up on you and before you realise it, you’re fully immersed. Their rich blend of folk music combines an acoustic backing with smooth, deep vocals to create a dreamy atmosphere that is then guided by an intricate layer of keyboards and electric guitar. Every time I listen to John Columbus, I walk away thinking what a nice experience it was. Not nice in the patronising ‘oh yeah, it was nice’ kind of way, but nice in sense that it was pleasant, rewarding and totally satisfying.

It’s such a shame that these two events had to clash. There’s no way I could recommend just one because that would mean missing the other. So depending on what takes your fancy, you should at least go to ONE of these launches. If you’re in Sydney and do something different this Saturday night, I will be severely disappointed. And after you’ve gone to one of them, make sure you check the other out too. They are both great bands, well deserving of your time.


Estelle said...

hey, just read an article in Under the Radar (an indie magazine) that Sister Vanilla is actually a side project of JAMC no wonder they sound so much alike (it's actually them).

melanie said...

Weird, I work with Jeremy, the bassist from Cloud Control. In fact, his table is next to mine. And after incessant plugs of his EP launch I still failed to attend. I'm crap. I bought the EP off him though.