Liars - Drum's Not Dead

Sometimes when I don’t like an album, I can at least appreciate why others, with different tastes, may enjoy it. This is definitely not the case with Liars' latest album, Drum’s Not Dead. It makes absolutely no sense and whenever I put it on, it either washes straight over my head or I get a headache from trying to concentrate on it. I can’t remember hearing something as boring as this. Normally this sort of reaction would suggest it is simply a poor quality album. But what confuses me is that so many people out there have said how much they love it. To those people, feel free to try and explain what you see in it, but until then I’ll take heart in the fact I’ll never have to listen to it again.

MP3: Let's Not Wrestle Mt. Heart Attack


Sean said...

it's a BRILLIANT album. you're missing out i tells ya!

kone said...

i agree with the assessment of 'boring'. Its not wholly unenjoyable music or more accurately sounds, but the problem is just that; sounds do not make for an interesting song. A good track to fade out a live set with perhaps but thats about all.

Peter said...

Yeah, I just don't get this album; A friend of mine loves it, yet I could barely cope with going through each track to pick an mp3. Then again, he is a drummer....But Sean, I get the feeling you're not gonna like what's to come in this list.....just warning you...a hard time lies ahead for some of your favourite albums.....Enjoy!

Karen said...

do what i do do,
instead of listening to all 12 tracks,
just listen to the "It Fit When I Was A Kid" track 12 times.