The Small Hours

Wow! This band is absolutely incredible! Their music is so damn good it’s unbelievable! And the fact that I’m good friends with them is absolutely irrelevant! Ah the friends’ band; it’s an awkward issue indeed. I want to give them the promotion they require, but at the same time don’t want to compromise my integrity. Hopefully this disclaimer will go some way towards easing my conscience. The truth of the matter is that I genuinely like them. I enjoy listening to their music and I enjoy going to their shows. Whether or not this is because I know them personally, I’m not sure. I guess the most logical thing to do is just let you judge for yourself. I’ll be the first to admit that they’re not perfect. But that said, there’s plenty of creative and musical talent between the four of them and it’s only a matter of time before they reach their full potential. Just the other day they played a brand new song that defintely exceeded my expectations. The Small Hours are a band you're sure to see much more of in the future; I highly recommend you check them out.

The Small Hours have only really made one recording, a 3-track demo titled ‘A Good Start’. It’s around a year old, so they have plenty of newer material, though you should still be able to catch a couple of these songs in their live show. This disc will be handed out for free at their gigs but you can save them the 55c and download it here.

Overlays & Underlays
Another Girl

20th Jan. – The Hopetoun Hotel with Dappled Cities Fly + Belles Will Ring
This is where things don’t really make sense. The band had been dormant for 6 months; barely practising and not playing a gig; yet somehow they managed to line up three gigs in January; two being at The Hopetoun Hotel and one in support of Dappled Cities Fly! Even the band themselves recognise that they're lucky to get this. Let’s hope they can use this incredible opportunity to their advantage. If you haven’t already got tickets to this event, you better be quick. Make sure you arrive early enough to catch them.

24th Jan. – The Hopetoun Hotel with Miyagi + The Detours + Soma For Kinder
This promised to be an incredible gig; that was until both Cloud Control and Soft Tigers pulled out. Thankfully Miyagi and The Detours have stepped in to save the day but they still need your support. It should be a nice relaxed night with plenty of entertainment, so if you’re free, I encourage you to come down (or if you’re walking from Central, UP)

For more details on shows etc. check their myspace.


Kadi said...

Your blog is totally wonderful, it's a good way for me to discover indie bands (mostly from australia, whose bands are great!).
It's well written and very clear, thank you for that!

I just have a question : do you have an RSS feed? it can be easier for us :)

Take care,
Kadi, from France

Peter said...

Hey Kadi, thanks alot. I do have a feed but to be honest, I don't know too much about it. I think it's or - one of the two. I really should advertise it better. Hope that helps

Kadi said...

Yeah! that's it, thanks.

Rock Daze said...

bring back objective street poets!!!

Rock Daze said...

The picture looks like a re-emergence of the fabled harrow the sparrow and some big head madness,

i guess Another Girl is the best song out of those, the others are a little boring, like cd fillers hopefully they will record something that they would play in a live set

Peter said...

Haha, it's funny you say that because Another Girl is the song they like the least and don't play live (i personally am a fan). On the other hand Arks is one of their main songs and is being played on Fbi daily.....but yes, I defintely agree that they should record some of their newer stuff, even if it's just a demo home recording. Hear that Mark!?

Frank Sinatra said...

would we record anything other than a home recording??

smithers 2 said...

hahaha smithers got told

annie said...

ha ha peter. reviewing your own band. then again i think the lineup was different back in early 07. duh.

Adi said...

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