Dishonourable Mentions

And now for some more albums that I didn't enjoy. Yay!

The Thermals – The Body The Blood The Machine
This album isn’t horrible, but something always turns me off. The spoken vocals? Repitition? Forced delivery? Probably a combination of the lot
MP3: Pillar Of Salt

Sunset Rubdown – Shut Up I Am Dreaming
It seems Spencer Krug has a few too many projects and this is one I don’t much care for. Give me Wolf Parade any day
MP3: They Took A Vote And Said No

Hot Chip – The Warning
This was a real hit and miss CD for me. It’s hard to really get into an electro-pop band when the pop parts are all you’re interested in.
MP3: And I Was A Boy From School

Thunderbirds Are Now! – Make History
With such a cool name and the song below, this band promised to be massive. Unfortunately, this album turned out to be possibly the biggest let down album of the year.
MP3: The Veil Comes Down

Xiu Xiu – The Air Force
I’d heard of this band before, but this album was the first I listened to. All in all a thoroughly unpleasant experience.

Junior Boys – So This Is Goodbye
This album confirmed what I always suspected; that I neither understand or enjoy electronic music

Swan Lake – Beast Moans
‘Supergroup’ eh? Well considering I only like one of three members, Spencer Krug, and I didn’t even enjoy his latest project, this album stood little chance.


Wayne said...

I'm with you on Junior Boys, Hot Chip and Xiu Xiu, none of those did anything for me. I DO like The Thermals but I'm not going to defend them to the death. I can see where the Swan Lake is a little inconsistent, although Spencer's songs are pure gold. However I truly believe you are missing something monumental in Sunset Rubdown. This record was not only my favourite of 2006, but I believe one of the most important records ever. I love Wolf Parade too, but I believe their best songs are Spencer's and a full album of him was perfect for me. Just needed to say this, thats all.

Peter said...

hey, no worries, say away. but in all honesty, I tried very hard to like this album; both when I first got it and now when I was trying to evaluate how i felt about it and why people liked it. NOTHING. and it's not like i have anything against Spencer cause I LOVED Wolf Parade....

Wayne said...

Yeah Wolf Parade are great and I love Dan's songs as well. Its just that I think Spencer reached down somewhere deep and pulled out something to behold... I strongly agree with your comment on electronic music, something just doesn't connect with me. Always seems to lack heart or emotion. Btw, I think Wolf Parade will have something new in 2007.

joe said...

to each his own.

shut up i am dreaming is probably one of my favorite albums ever, but that's not to say that everyone loves this guy.

the only thing that tops that album for me is the new frog eyes album, wow.