Love Is All - Nine Times That Same Song

At times this album is absolutely sublime. Some of the melodies and hooks they produce are incredible and a joy to listen to. BUT. At other times the album is unbearable. The music becomes overcrowded and the vocals make me cringe. It’s such a shame because when they’re good, THEY’RE GOOD. But with nearly every song, they go and stuff it up somewhere along the line. I was so convinced that I could salvage some of this album’s promise that I had this crazy idea to create a medley composed of the best part from each song. Unfortunately my lack of skill came between me and this dream (I still keep the hope alive). While this album may fall short of brilliance, it at least shows that Love Is All have a heap of talent and are a band to look out for in the future.

Mp3: Spinning & Scratching


Ro said...

Sure there are low moments in this album, I'd agree with you there but does it really make u cringe? Despite all that, they should still be a great live act.

Peter said...

Unfortunately it DOES make me cringe, largely because I'm so disappointed that they ruined the good stuff. But yeah I agree that they should be great live and I look forward to seeing them in March at Laneway