Arcade Fire Are Coming....

I think if there's one band out there that I'd like to see more than any other, it would have to be Arcade Fire. It's a big call, I know, but just the thought of seeing their music performed live gets me excited. Well as you probably already know, they are coming to Australia for the very first time, this January. It's a momentous occasion, and I should be over the moon, but instead, I'm just depressed. You see, I don't have tickets. A mental blank on the day of sale and my decision to skip Big Day Out this year has left me empty handed. It's a sad story. But don't worry, I'll be there. I'm on the hunt for spare tickets and if that fails, I'll be working extra hard on my sneaking abilities. Not even big angry bouncers can stop me from going to this event. It's my calling. Why Arcade Fire? Why must you be so damn popular!!

See you there.


Gatesy said...

Arcade Fire was one of the best shows I have seen. They are just so exciting to watch. I really hope you get a ticket!

Anonymous said...

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