Bridezilla just keep getting better and better. Every time I see them, they impress me on a whole new level. It would be wrong to say that they were ever shy, but whatever they were, they’ve improved. Daisy (violin) and Millie (saxophone) strut around the stage in complete comfort and confidence, as if in their own bedroom, belting out powerfully emotive sounds that do justice to both their classical background and modern stylings. While those two are the heart of their music, Holiday is the soul. With the spot light shared more evenly, she is left to deliver her haunting vocals in peace. She does so with such conviction that you can so easily get caught up in the moment. And to their credit, Josh (drums) and Pia (guitar) manage to keep all this mayhem grounded and guide the ship towards a very solid sound.

I know they’re probably sick of people mentioning their age, but I just want to make one comment. Rather than trying to capitalise on the novelty of their youth, they're taking things slowly and letting their sound develop. For this they have my upmost respect. Bridezilla aren’t good because they’re young, they’re good because they’re good. They recently put out an EP which captures their live sound surprisingly well. They may not make the most accessible music, but this release proves they have a bright commercial future ahead of them. For a while I thought that ‘St Francine’ might be all they had, but they’ve come out and equalled (perhaps even surpassed) it with the brilliant ‘Brown Paper Bag’. Even the instrumental, ‘Mister Young’, which I didn’t use to like, has become a favourite. Shame on me for ever having doubts.

Mp3: Brown Paper Bag

Bridezilla: Label | Website | Myspace

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