Monday Mix #30

Down On The Ground - British Sea Power
I’m relatively new to British Sea Power, with their latest EP being my first (and only) experience, but this has been more than enough to convince me that they’re worth some attention. I can only imagine what their live shows are like, but judging from the atmosphere they generate in their recorded music, it would be pretty special.

DiagonalThe Motifs
In case you don’t know, The Motifs is mostly one girl, Alexis, from Melbourne, playing some unbelievably sweet pop music. I recently ordered her brand knew 6-track EP which comes lovingly hand-packaged, courtesy of WeePOP Records, and limited to just 120 copies. When it arrives, I think I might explode from an overload of cuteness.

The People - Young Lovers
Young Lovers are another Melbourne band, but of a vastly different sound. They make epic indie-rock music that’s laced with some pretty infectious dance beats. This sound of theirs is quite impressive and sure to be a hit across the country. I get the feeling we’ll be hearing a lot more of this band, very soon.

Animals (video) – Sparkadia
Sparkadia are one of many Sydney artists to be snapped up recently by indie label, Ivy League Records. I think they must be reading mind when it comes to band selections. It’s great to see them supporting all these excellent bands! Sparkadia haven't done too badly out of the deal either. They just got this shiny new video for their latest mega-hit, Animals, and will be putting their debut album out early next year.

DaysShe Is So Beautiful / She Is So Blonde
This bizarrely named solo project has given rise to some rather interesting music. I’m not totally convinced yet, but you never what the test of time holds.

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Sean said...

BSP are amazing dude.

Pick up their debut album. Amazing stuff.