Brown Bear - Music To Swim To

You’d be surprised how inefficient the promotional process is. Of all the emails and CDs I get sent, rarely does it lead me to discover something I like. I’m not sure if it’s my laziness and meticulous tastes or poor choices those sending me the music, but the success rate is pretty pathetic. However, every now and then, something incredible will land in my lap and it makes the whole process worthwhile. Brown Bear’s second EP, ‘Music To Swim To’ falls into that category. It only took a couple of listens before I realised I had something special in my hands. It was quite unexpected because they have a sound that is much softer than I would normally listen to. But clearly the might of their song-writing won out because I’ve well and truly fallen for them. Their sound is one that manages to combine calming minimalism with a richly textured atmosphere, driven by some excellent vocals. Strangely enough, I’d say their closest comparison would the similarly named Grizzly Bear. There's also a parallel with some of Radiohead's slower numbers, though I'd hate to set the bar too high. With 7 tracks coming in at over 30 minutes, Music To Swim To is more than just your average EP. Incredibly, each song seems to have at least one moment when you feel like you’re witnessing some musical brilliance. Unfortunately, this potential isn’t always met, but it doesn’t stop the EP from being an outstanding effort. It’s early days yet and I’m excited to see what this band delivers in the future. They’re currently based in Brisbane, but will be heading down to Sydney in early January to play a cool 4 shows in as many days. I'd recommend you try to see at least one, I know I will be.

– This song was the first to really grab my attention and it seems I’m not alone. The tranquillity of it is irresistible.

Was That It – At 5 minutes, this song is more reflective of Brown Bear’s typical song length. It further demonstrates how effortlessly they appear to craft these humble, engaging melodies.

Released: 26/10/07 | Myspace


cbear said...

my gosh. it must be "bear"
grizzly bear
panda bear
brown bear

all pretty lovely bands

and going in similar directions

knoe said...

sheesh it has been a long time since i've been here, great to see your still going peter!