Lazy Tuesday Mix #2

Be Gentle With MeThe Boy Least Likely To
It’s always nice to come back to an old album you’d forgotten about; especially one this joyful. I came across The Boy Least Likely To rather early in my musical ‘enlightenment’ and they were probably my first foray into the tweeish side of indie music.

Tonight I Have To Leave ItShout Out Louds
I’ve been enjoying the Shout Out Louds of late, though not as much as I’d have hoped. They seem to be sitting just below the point of greatness and just can’t cross it. In time perhaps. This song, however, is definitely doing it for me. That little intro riff is brilliant.

Candy CutI Heart Hiroshima
I Heart Hiroshima are one of those bands I’ve always known of, but never known. In fact I couldn’t even have told you what they sounded like if I hadn’t found this mp3 sitting on my computer 2 days ago. Not quite what I had imagined, but still enough to prick my attention. If all goes to plan, I should get to see them this Sunday.

Don’t FallThe Chameleons
Finding The Chameleons has alerted me to the fact of just how many bands there are out there. I don’t know whether to be excited or depressed by the fact that I will never come close to knowing them all. There are people out there whose favourite band of all time hasn’t even entered my consciousness. That IS depressing. It’s kind of like that conundrum people face of whether or not they’ll meet their ‘perfect match’. For me it’s the perfect band that I worry about. Actually that’s a lie. Until ten minutes ago, I hadn’t even contemplated such a possibility, let alone been affected by it. I much prefer to bask in my own arrogant belief that I know everything. Ignorance is bliss.

The New SunRichard In Your Mind
I'm yet to be blown away by Richard In Your Mind’s recorded work and probably wouldn’t have featured this song had I not known how great they are live. That is where they thrive and that is where you should experience them. No questions. Just do it.


noorani said...

ahhh, this has opened my mind up to alot. i'm in love with Cuthbert & the Night Walkers now XD

you have a really interesting blog going on, and i'm going to attempt to check it every day :)

Peter said...

thats good to hear. but if I were you, i wouldnt check it every day. i've become terribly lazy when it comes to updating it. once a fortnight sounds more suitable :)