The Ocean Floor

Ahhhh. Listening to this band is such a soothing experience. It empties your mind, makes you feel light. But The Ocean Floor aren't like any other band I've previously described as soothing. They don't have the smooth, harmonious sound that usually warrants such a description. Rather, their music is simply unassuming. You'd don't have think hard to enjoy it. The musicians all seem relaxed whilst playing and it really rubs off. I'm not saying their music is simplistic, it's not, just that the shambolic style allows you to drop your guard and just sit back and enjoy it. The other day I was having lunch with my head phones around my neck, whilst this album was playing. It was loud enough to be audible to my little brother and sister, both of whom stared at me wondering what on earth I was listening to. My brother even compared it to elevator music which I found rather amusing. Their oddity is one the main reasons I've come to like them. As I've said, the band just don't seem to be care (though I'm sure they do), which makes their music sound great. Have a listen if you're looking for something a bit.....different.

Bed Bugs - Haha, I love how misleading that intro is. The strings make it seem like something big is coming up and then it just launches into a bongo rhthym. Brilliant.
Down The Drain - This song nicely highlights the variety you get with this band. Different paces, different instruments, it's all good fun.

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