Monday Mix #19

Single DaysPale Young Gentlemen
For the record, this ISN’T Franz Ferdinand. They may share similarly deep vocals, but that’s where it ends. Still, I’m quite impressed with my Mum for hazarding such a guess. Next she’ll be telling her friends about Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Getting back on track, Pale Young Gentlemen make a quirky blend of music that seams to combine foreign flavours, circus themes and radio pop into formula that quite bizarrely, works.

SalvadorJamie T
Jamie T is a bit TOO English for me to take. At least with Lilly Allen, the underground themes were polished beyond recognition. Here, it’s raw and in your face. With slurred vocals that make Arctic Monkeys look proper, it can sometimes get a bit much. Still, underneath all the grime there’s plenty of energy and if you’re not quite as soft as me, you may well find something you like.

Lovers Who UncoverThe Little Ones
A while back, The Little Ones released a VERY impressive EP called Sing Song. They were so perfectly indie that they looked destined to reach a heavenly status amongst the likes of The Shins and Belle & Sebastian. Since then however, I haven’t heard much at all from them. But rather than investigating, I’m posting this song and hoping it will prompt me (and you) into seeing what they’re up to.

The Year Of The RatThe Whitlams
I’m currently giving The Whitlams’ latest album, Little Cloud, a thorough listening in preparation for when I see them this September. Being at The Sydney Opera House and with a 100 piece orchestra, I get the feeling it is going to be nothing short of spectacular. Expect me to come back raving about how much of a god Tim Freedman is.

Wicked Light SleeperThe Joggers
This one comes straight from the archives. Not archives as in old, but archives as in didn’t quite make the cut. I think that sums up the Joggers pretty well. Their album showed so much promise, but it always fell short in some way. However, I still like to put it on every now and then and enjoy the bits they did get right.


kone said...

your jamie T sentiments are spot on.

Anonymous said...

Am also looking forward to the Whits gig at the SOH. Timmy is a God anyway...

chuckwagon said...

ooooooo i hate tim.
he did a poo on the doorstep of my friend's brother back in '97.