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The problem with having so many new albums to listen to is that often it means your attention gets divided and none of them get the time they require. So when it came time to do a review and I had about 5 albums which showed some promise but hadn’t yet proven themselves, I decided to go for a classic. And what better classic then Weezer’s self-titled debut album (the blue album). I was exposed to a few songs from this album early in my life, thanks to my older brother, but it was until about year 9 that I truly embraced it. For me, this album epitomises the nineties. Not because it is in some way all-encompassing, but because it’s the only sound I really listened to back then. That alternative rock sound and garage band image was so perfectly defined by Weezer and this album. I can vividly remember coming to school each day and having passionate discussions with a friend about which song was our favourite and why. The funny part is that pretty much every song occupied that spot at one point or another. As I listened more and more, I would discover merit in songs I previously ignored, until eventually I realised that the whole album was brilliant from start to finish. Etched in mind, these songs will forever have an impact on me.

The World Has Turned And Left Me Here – For some reason thing song is separated from the rest in my mind. It’s as if they’re all just songs, but this has some higher purpose. I dunno, it’s weird. But whatever the case, I love it.

In The Garage – I can remember a time my friend was obsessed with this song and I just couldn’t understand how. Or maybe it was the either way round. Either way, there’s something special about this song.

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Angus said...

Where would be be without The Blue Album or Pinkerton?

I ask myself these things once a week.

Diego said...

Men, Im glad to say I strongly think the same as you. This is really a masterpiece, all the songs have been at one point my favorite ones. If you havent try Pinkerton, which i dont think you havent, then give it a try.
I was so obssesed with the blue album that had left the greatness of Pinkerton behind.
About the "The World has Turned", its also one of my favorites, because i think i had a very similar situation despite knowing Cuomo once said that this song and track 2, No One Else, are connected lyrically. Cuomo described the narrator of No One Else as "the jealous-obsessive in me freaking out on my girlfriend" and claiming that "'The World has Turned and Left Me Here' is the same guy wondering why she’s gone.
Ill tell you to check my blog but it is in Spanish.

Rennie said...

BAH i was loving weezer long before you and oscar, poser! hehe nah, good post and i still love weezer, despite their latest album being somewhat lacking. Definately a seminal sound for the 90s

Oscar said...

My Weezer Rennie.. MINE!!!!!! All you had was green. me and peter loved blue and pinkerton and had those discussions many a time. Undone is still the best

rennie said...

um incorrect oscar! i had Maladroit and blue too for a long long time. (thankyou older brother)

some guy from new jersey said...

The Sweater Song is as good as it gets, especially the extra chord thwon into the riff at the end.

This is one of my top ten all time albums...of all time!

The appeal of "In the Garage" is undeniabley due to the mention of one Miss Kitty Pryde! (and Nightcrawler, too).

Back in '93 (or so) no one was name dropping the uncanny x-men, especially in song.

Every single track is a killer. How many albums can say that? *? Maybe 9 you've ever heard of?

Pinkerton, however, kinda sucked. Good Life and El Scorcho excluded , obviously.

jp said...

only in dreams???
probably one of the best songs and esp. outro's that come to mind. but thats just me, i love the whole album though.