Super Furry Animals

Super Furry Animals were part of the first post I ever unleashed unto the internet. I hadn’t really listened to them much, but a bizarre instrumental track called Oi Frango managed to catch my attention. Thankfully this led me to devote more time to their then-new album, Love Kraft, which I discovered to be equally bizarre. But in a world saturated by reused formulas, it is the bizarre who reign supreme. Their different approaches are what keeps music fresh and interesting. They add colour to our drab lives. I think this is why I’ve come to enjoy Super Furry Animals so much. They are so invigoratingly odd! For this reason, I’m not going to even bother trying to describe their sound. They come from Wales, but that probably won’t explain much more than their accents. Across their many albums, they’ve experimented with countless styles and I’m only just beginning to get to know them. 2005’s Love Kraft remains my favourite, but then again, it’s the one I’ve listened to most so who knows. They have a new one (Hey Venus!) coming out very soon and early indications are good. If you’ve never entered the land of Super Furry Animals, now is the time. Either they’re out this world or out of their minds; I’m yet to decide.

Run Away – This track comes of Hey Venus! and I must admit that I am totally and utterly consumed by it. Something about that chorus just drags me in everytime. It’s a little tame by their standards, but great nonetheless.

Lazer Beam – While it may not be my all time favourite, this song seams to epitomise their sound. It’s full of whacky sounds yet still maintains a somewhat solid structure.

Back On A Roll – This is another of the sing-along songs which they do so well. They have a knack for crafting melodies that seep into your consciousness and take control.

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