Monday Mix #17

Mad World - Gary Jules
I must admit that it was a bit of a shock to discover that the dirty 80s electro version of this song was actually the original. I, however, will always prefer this cover version, commonly known as the Donnie Darko version, largely because that film had such an impression on me.

Tread EasyThe Bank Holidays
I was trawling through all my old songs, trying to get them sorted, when I discovered this gem. The Bank Holidays are from Perth (I think), but I haven’t heard of them in over a year so who knows what they’re up to.

Cool It DownThe Velvet Underground
I never have been much of a Lou Reed / Velvet Underground fan, more because of laziness than dislike. However thanks to persistent friends, I am slowly being introduced to his world.

Her Hairagami SetThe Brunettes
The Brunettes latest album is as polished as they come and home to some excellent pop sounds, but the more I come to like their music, the more I despise their lyrics. Why must you be so lame? It’s gone well beyond the cute factor. Still, there’s enough on this album to keep me coming back.

CrumbleDinosaur Jr.
Considering there was a 10 year gap, Dinosaur Jr’s latest album is quite impressive. It’s actually the first I’ve heard of them and it will probably lead me to check out one of their more celebrated releases.


Nick Fulton said...

I'm going to see the Brunettes on Friday night. I'm so excited!!

Estelle said...

This is the first time I have seen your blog and I noticed on your Trilogy that your second song Jamcola is very similar to the style of the the Jesus and Mary Chain, what is even more similar is the name of the song. the acronym for The Jesus and Mary Chain is JAMC, add ola and you have the name of the song. They definitely don't beat JAMC. The song sounds most like The Hardest Walk, The Living End, and Head On...if you haven't already you should check them out.

Peter said...

ha I completely forgot to mention that they sound like the jesus and mary chain. but this discovery of yours is very interesting indeed. perhaps it is a nod to their influences

as for your other recommendations, the first and last I'm not familiar with, but I grew up on the Living End. the first cd I ever bought. yep. still got some good music but these days i dont pay too much attention