Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam

I’ve always liked Animal Collective, but never really embraced them. In fact I never really gave their last album, Feels, a proper listen because by then I’d figured they just weren’t for me. However, in recent times this view has been changing, in part due to the brilliant Panda Bear album, and I’ve been giving them a second chance, to see what I missed. A few weeks ago I was at uni, listening to Feels. It came to an end and rather than looking for something new to put on, I took the easy option and flicked the radio on. I was greeted with a monotonous dance track which wasn’t an ideal start, but thankfully I stuck around because the next track was by Animal Collective. And so was the next one. AND the next one. This continued until 9 tracks later I had listened to their entire new album. It just so happened that in my time of Animal Collective need, I had tuned in to FBi’s album show who decided to treat me with Strawberry Jam, the exact album I wanted to hear. I wasn’t just impressed by the coincidence of this occasion, but I also by how great the album sounded. Never before had an Animal Collective album grabbed me in such a complete manner. It retains all the Animal Collective wackiness, yet this time feels like it’s all going in the same direction. I’m not saying the other albums are bad, it’s probably just me missing the point, but what I can say is that this one is great. For those who’ve never really listened much to Animal Collective, this is your chance. They’re one of those special bands that everyone should get to know

Peacebone – I simply can’t get over this song. I love it. Such raw energy. YES!

Chores – This song definitely delivers on what the Panda Bear album promised. It mixes excitable bounciness with deep drawn out moments to create quite a powerful song.

Released: 11/9/07 | Website | Myspace

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Estelle said...

I love animal collective I am glad that you chose this one. Anyway. Last night I saw Arcade Fire at the Hollywood Bowl and words cannot describe the amazingness that they exude. I have my own blog so if you want to read what I said about it here is the link: enjoy. Oh and if you ever get a chance definitely go it is worth it. Intervention brought me to tears.