Monday Mix #24

Skinny BoyAmy Milan
For those who don’t know, Amy Milan is the girl from Canadian band, Stars. While there are of course similarities, her solo album is actually quite different from the band’s sound. It has an overarching country element to it, though I seemed to have picked the least country, and most stars-like song of the lot. Typical. It’s a great album nonetheless.

You Sound Like Louis BurdettThe Whitlams
I recently saw The Whitlams with a ninety-something piece orchestra at The Sydney Opera House. It confirmed many things in my mind. The Whitlams are great, the opera house is the stupidest, yet coolest piece of architecture ever created and this song is brilliant. It may not have benefited the most from the orchestra (that honour goes to Blow Up The Pokies), but it didn’t matter because it’s so good in its own right.

Grand Pacific SonThe City Lights
I must admit that I judged The City Lights a little too early. After repeatedly slagging off their new album, I’ve actually come to enjoy it. Whoops. I still wouldn’t say it’s deep or particularly far-reaching, but as some good old rock n roll fun, it does the job. Hearing this song on the radio one night is what made me realise that I had possibly made a mistake in my initial verdict. Such clean guitars. Mmmmm

Lake MichiganRogue Wave
There’s no doubt that Rogue Wave’s new album has its moments. As I listened back through it, I discovered that it had already formed a substantial part of my image of Rogue Wave. Despite this, however, I still feel underwhelmed by it. Fans of the band and this song should still check it out, but you’ve been warned. Never know, it could just be me.

One Of These Days78 Saab
Speaking of Rogue Wave, this band sounds quite a bit like them. I’ve never really been the biggest 78 Saab fan, but I’ve still always enjoyed them. This song comes from their new album, which thanks to this song, I’m quite looking forward to.

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Estelle said...

skinny boy made my day. Thanks! I can defintely hear stars in it but it is really different. It's really airy and light.