Lazy Tuesday Mix #3

Winter WooskieBelle & Sebastian
Today I had one of those “I’m sick of always listening to music I don’t know, just to see if I like it or not, just so I can go straight back to listening to music I don’t know” moments. Thankfully I put Belle & Sebastian on just in time and was instantly calmed. Phew.

Pieces Of MeThe Lovetones
Lately I’ve had negative comments about The Lovetones coming from left, right and centre (i.e. myself). But on further inspection, I must say I don’t think it’s all justified. Sure, occasionally they sound a bit like everything and yet nothing, but still, there’s some impressive music here.

Rebellion (Lies)Arcade Fire
I didn’t get to say much about Arcade Fire when Funeral came out so therefore I justify my use of it now. It came on the radio recently and I was reminded how great life can be. It was then followed by 20 minutes of the same techno beat and I was brought right back to Earth and then some.

Mistaken For StrangersThe National
Ah The National. They are the band that just can’t seem to impress me. I mean I like them, but it feels like it’s only because I should, not because I have a great craving for their music. Still, the odd song here and there manages to rise above the rest.

Mt KillSurf City
This New Zealand 4-piece have really impressed with their debut EP. In fact I even considered going to Bondi this Thursday to see them until I realised I couldn’t. True story. They remind me of a more colourful incarnation of Sonic Youth. It’s an image which this cover undoubtedly helped form.


Estelle said...

seriously I absolutely love this mix. Rebellion (lies) made me fall in love with Arcade Fire and Mistaken for Strangers is a great song by the National plus you can't go wrong with B and S. i LOVE this mix.

Peter said...

thanks estelle! glad you liked it