Good Shoes - Think Before You Speak

I've noticed something interesting amongst my musically minded friends. While we all have similar tastes, we each have our own little 'niche' that only we enjoy. I guess it makes sense if you think of the entire musical spectrum as a giant piece of paper and you're personal preferences as a circle that covers a certain area (I should write a thesis on this). It's unlikely you'll find people whose 'area of interest' is exactly the same as yours, but usually they'll overlap enough for you to get along. As for the areas that don't overlap, they become your guilty pleasures. It's the music you might get ridiculed for or perhaps have to keep secret. Well amongst my pretentious indie friends, my niche is mainstream music. Now I don't mean that commercial slosh kind of mainstream, but more mid-tier mainstream. The bands that got popular so you're not supposed to like them anymore. The Franz Ferdinands, Maximo Parks and White Stripes. The bands that 'esteemed' critics may frown upon while thousands of regular people enjoy them. Well in these cases, I'll happily join the masses. So what does all this have to with Good Shoes? Well, you see, they epitomise this type of music. Good Shoes are your typical British indie-rock band from head to toe. This may sound negative, but it's not because they're delivering on a successful formula. Their album is exactly what you'd expect. It's not particularly deep, but it's a heap of fun. Their music isn't revolutionary, but it's still mighty fine. They won't ever be my favourite band, but they appeal to a side of me that just wants to forget about the details of life and bop along to some energetic pop music.

Blue Eyes - There sure is a lot of songs out there about Blue Eyes. One more can't hurt can it?

Photos - Barring a little introduction, this song is the first track and really serves to get the album off to a powerful start

Released: 26/03/07 | Website | Myspace


Anonymous said...

thanks for those! i had heard of good shoes, but never heard any of their stuff. i think i like 'photos' best-immediate pleasure. cheers!


Little Lisa said...

Yeah! I listened to Good Shoes all summer for this exact reason. They're the most worthwhile guilty pleasure around.