Black Lips - Good Bad Not Evil

A while back I wrote about The Ocean Floor and mentioned how their music wasn’t particularly groundbreaking, but it was a heap of fun regardless. I’d have to put Black Lips in the same category. For me, it’s the kind the music I would listen to when I’m looking to change things up. The album certainly never sits still, with no song exceeding the 3 minute mark. As it progress, the sound varies greatly, at times entering some rather bizarre territory. Even the lyrical content ranges from self harm to infant interaction. I’ll leave it to you to discover the rest of this album’s intricacies. But whatever the music sounds like the overwhelming feeling is always one of light-hearted fun. Apparently this band is renowned for their crazy on-stage antics and while this album isn't exactly in that category, it's hard to see. These guys are clearly enjoying themselves and it's good to have a break from the seriousness of music every now and then.

Bad Kids – This song has a really energetic vibe to it, which is probably how it caught my attention. You can also hear their more childish side coming through.

Step Right Up – This song has great juxtaposition between the rough, wild sound of the intro and the relative calm of the chorus. Very nice.

Released: 11/9/07 | Website | Myspace

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melanie said...

Ha weird, I just downloaded that album today but haven't gotten a chance to listen to it. Hey check out this album called The Ghost That Carried Us Away by Seabear @ It's probably the most therapeutic album I've downloaded in awhile. It starts off quite slow but give it a chance! They're from Iceland and have toured with Sigur Ros and Mum, etcetera. Bye!