Monday Mix #22

Melody Day - Caribou
Caribou is one of those artists who sit at the back of my collection and don't often get a look. But after putting his latest album on and getting hit by this brilliant opening track, I'm starting to think I should pay more attention.

Come Along - Ice Cream Hands
Ice Cream Hands are yet another Melbourne artist that has entered my consciousness in recent months. Just when I was wondering who they were, their CD arrives on my doorstep. And now, just as I've come to like them, I find out they have a Sydney show soon. Too easy!

The Mollusk - Ween
I'm not really much of a Ween fan, but I probably should be. Every time I put them on, I enjoy what I hear, even it is a bit odd. This song is one that has managed to stick with me.

Girls Like That - Custard
A friend recently did a DJ set and we had fun pulling out the old Hottest 100 volumes to find some classics. Just be thankful I didn't choose Pauline Pantsdown.

Unless It's Kicks - Okkervil River
Okkervil River are another of those frequently-raved-about bands that just don't do it for me. I enjoy them, and at times (like this song) REALLY enjoy them, but in the overall sense, they just fail to have me well and truly convinced.


Angus said...


The Constant Skeptic said...

caribou song is great, thanks for the musak snack, holla back (shameless plug, but good stuff I promise ;)

caro said...

mollusk song is only half of song! so sad, such a good tune. let me know when it's fixed. thanks!!