The Basics

For those who don't know, The Basics are a band out of Melbourne who are simply oozing with 60s pop charm. Every song they produce is a little gem, filled with swooning harmonies and predictable hooks. Yes, their music may be relatively simplistic, but it doesn't matter when it's this addictive. If you ever need a fix of "come ons" and "oooh babys", The Basics know how to deliver.

This month, they are in the middle of conducting a two-state residency. Every Tuesday, they play in Sydney, at the Hopetoun Hotel and every Thursday, they play in Melbourne, at The Evelyn. If you live in either of these towns, I'd highly recommend going along. The Basics are one of those bands who really shine when they play live. The catchy songs and brilliant voice of Wally (Gotye) would have been enough, but their charm takes the show to a whole new level of entertainment. Catch them while you can!

P.s. Sydney-siders get the added bonus of seeing Cuthbert & The Night Walkers this Tuesday (19th). Woo!