Sparkadia: Jealousy Video

Sparkadia have put out a video for their current single, Jealousy, and it's quite an interesting one. In tune with the song's lyrical content, it features the ceremony and subsequent celebrations of a couple getting married, whilst the best man looks on enviously. This wouldn't be anything special, but for the fact that these parts are played by the band members themselves. Alex (lead) and Tiffany (guitar) are the happy couple, while Nick (bass) plays the dejected outsider. Is it reflective of the bands true relations or is it merely a marketing ploy to get people lick me to spread it? Probably the latter. But its a good clip either way. Not sure what Nick thought of the idea of being made to look like an idiot, though I bet Alex wasn't complaining. And best of all, the clip features a cameo by the always amusing 'Fast Eddy' from The Seabellies.

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Zohara. said...

I saw this clip on Friday night RAGE and was thinking how they pulled off the ceremony pretty well. I like how it looked like a home video, kind of convincing.
P.S- you spelled Sparkadia wrong in your heading :p