Charge Group - Escaping Mankind

Charge Group are a local Sydney outfit, producing sprawling, experimental rock music. The members have being playing with respactable bands for years, including Purpelene and Firekites, but together they form Charge Group and deliver something truly special. Their sound feels almost tightly wound, moving slowly in an effort to contain the emotion, before letting it all out and exploding spectacularly. This powerful effect is primarily produced by the pairing of violin with some stunning lead vocals. Both have the ability to guide the listener subconsciously, leading them through eery, deserted soundscapes and into epic moments of hear-wrenching awe. For such a deeply involving sound, I will admit that it isn't for everyone and does require you to be in the right mood, but when you do connect with Charge Group's music, it's a invigorating experience. I was surprised to learn that just the other day saw the launch of Charge Group's debut album, Escaping Mankind. Not least because I had just missed an opportunity to see them live again, but also because I've been listening to this album for a good six months. I'm not quite sure how it ended up in my possession, but I can assure you that it is of the utmost quality. It's now out for all to enjoy, so get stuck in.