Tonight Pivot will be launching their second album, O Soundtrack My Heart. Why am I telling you this only hours before the show? Why am I not waiting until its over before reporting? Well because its sold out. For those of you who got tickets, you'll already be on your way. The rest of you are stuck with me. At least we all get our fix of Pivot tonight.

In The Blood

UPDATE: Check out the crazy video for this song.

If you didn't already know, Pivot are an instrumental band out of Sydney. They're sound is centered around the insane talents of brothers Richard and Laurence Pike. To put it in perspective, I would probably rate Laurence as one of the finest drummer I have ever witnessed. He was actually the first to make me really appreciate the art of drumming. As for Richard, he may not be the most technical guitar player, but he certainly has an ear for when to play and what sounds good. These two are joined on stage by Dave Miller who plays a rather unorthodox role. Armed with a laptop and control desk, he's in charge of samples and some live mixing of the others' feeds.

Their new album is quite an impressive release. I listen to very little instrumental music, so its out of the ordinary for me, but within a few goes I was hooked. It's defintely not your average, easy-listening album. Everything from erratic drum beats to strange computer noises have you guessing. But this experimental side is then given some of direction when they lock into a particular riff, building just enough before moving on. There's also a number of more spaced out moments which I enjoy. Rather amusingly, the keyboard sounds in the final track always seem to remind of the movie Bladerunner. It's not often you get hear the sounds of Vangelis being channelled by a modern band. This album is a compelling listen, and one I'd highly recommend, but I'm still unsure how well it will stand once the intrigue wears off.

In live the department, I'm in two minds. On the one hand, its awesome. These are top class musicians performing top class music. I saw them the other night when they supported Sigur Ros and was fully engaged the whole time. It was only the second time I'd seen them and I knew none of their songs, but something drew me. I think the lack of vocals means you aren't distracted and can really focus on where all the sounds are coming from. Its quite a diffferent experience. But on the other hand, the use of samples really bugs me. There's alot going on in these songs and yet there's only two people up there playing instruments. At one point it seemed like a lead guitar part was being sampled, while Richard was playing the occasional note. This just disappoints me. I dunno, perhaps I'm missing the point, but I would like to see them scrap the computer guy and play with a full band, as they did when they formed.

O Soundtrack My Heart

One way or the other Pivot are making some interesting music which you should definitely look into. Hopefully they'll play again soon before being whisked off overseas.

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geoff said...

Pete, you missed out because it was a sensational gig! Having seen them several times over the years, i can say they have taken it to another level and are set for a huge second half of the year. well done brothers Pike and Dave..