Little Red

The first time I saw Little Red live, I was blown away. Simple, fun pop songs about love? Four vocalists singing their hearts out? What was this!? Little Red are a band who would have fit right in in the 60s, but here in 2008, there's nothing quite like them. Their set was so refreshing, so unexpected, that I walked away with a great big smile on my face, eager to find out more about this bizarre Melbourne band.

Coca Cola

Sadly, the euphoria didn't last long. After buying their debut album, I only got through 2 songs before a friend intervened and turned it off. We were both in shock. The vocals were rough, the instrumentation cluttered and the whole thing just sounded sloppy. How on earth did this make it to record? I was disappointed to say the least.

Thankfully though, as time has passed, things seem to have evened out and I'm beginning see where Little Red truly stand. Subsequent listens of their album have shown that it really isn't all that bad. And besides, it was never meant to be perfect. Part of Little Red's charm is that there's four regular guys up there having a ball. Don't get me wrong, they can sing, but there's a trace of amateurism that keeps them grounded and in a way adds to their appeal because you can identify with them.

It's Alright

And as their album has gained some ground, their live show has been knocked back a peg or two. Not because its particularly bad, but more because the initial effect wore off. Their show is all about atmosphere. If you're in the mood to have some fun, they know how to deliver. But if you're merely sitting through their show, waiting for a headline band, they can be a bit of drag. It's really up to you.

Little Red may have fallen on middle ground, but I still think they're a great band. Their songs are catchy and performances entertaining. Bands like this will always have a place in the music scene. If you ever get tired of serious music appreciation, turn to Little Red, they'll know how to treat you well.