Late last year I remember there being a lot of hype around the French (Canadian) band, Malajube. The praise was endless and yet I never bothered to check them out. Why? Because they didn’t sing in English. I’d always found music in other languages to be unengaging and so figured this band would be the same. While everyone else was in love with them, I was stubbornly ignoring them. Well thankfully I saw through my own dodgy reasoning and decided to give them a listen because their debut album, Trompe-L’Oeil, is wonderful. In fact I actually really like the French vocals and the way they roll of the tongue. Malajube have a sound that fits my tastes extremely well. At times they create a softer, indie-pop sound and then they’ll mix this with powerful, distorted guitars. It’s a record that’s electrically charged, which is just how I like them. The album does tend to lose impact towards the end but I think that overall it’s an impressive start for a very impressive band. I really don’t why I avoided these guys in the first place. I rarely pay a great deal of attention to lyrics and this way I have an excuse for singing badly. If you’ve ever dismissed a band purely because of their language, you should probably reconsider. After all, there’s nothing worse than missing out on excellent music.

Montréal -40°C – This gets their album started with a bang. It’s a great all-round song and I especially love the outro on it.

Pâte Filo – This song gives a nice introduction to many of their varying sounds. It’s got heaps of cool little riffs throughout and the vocals build up to a powerful climax.

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