Monday Mix #6

Your EyesAloha
The only flaw in Aloha’s album, Some Echoes, is that it lacks a killer single. Otherwise, it holds its own against any of last year’s major releases. They have quite a warm sound that often reminds me of Field Music.

CharmerKings of Leon
I’m not too sure about all that PR rubbish about this album being the one that establishes them as a massive act, but it sure is bold. It probably won’t receive commercial success, but it’s already gained quite a bit of critical approval. I’m still sitting on the fence.

Do What You Wanna Do - Acid House Kings
I’d been umming and ahhing over whether or not to use this when I all of a sudden I stumbled across it on You Aint No Picasso. This was odd because I hadn’t visited this site in about 6 months and the last time I went there was when found this song. A strange coincidence for an even stranger song. You’ll either find it extremely uplifting or extremely creepy.

HoppipolaWe Are Scientists
It hardly compares to the original (what does compare to Sigur Ros?), but my respect for We Are Scientists definitely went up a notch.

I Know Too WellPoly & The Statics
It’s a shame my first experience with this band had to be in such poor circumstances. However word on the street is that they’re planning on leaving Adelaide in favour of the more opportunity rich Sydney. Fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

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Peter said...

No i didn't. Sorry ash.

Matthew said...

I am really enjoying the new KoL. It's patchy, but some of the songs have so much more zip and bite than their previous stuff.