Monday Mix #8

S.T.E.A.K.Peelander Z
Recently I trekked across blog land, collecting over 60 mp3s, in the hope of finding something good. After listening through them all, I emerged with just one usable track. It was absolutely worth it. Medium rare!!!!!

Easier - Grizzly Bear
It took my while to get into Grizzly Bear’s critically acclaimed Yellow House. In fact I didn’t even give it a listen until recently because I had found their previous album rather boring. Thankfully however, I got there eventually and was able to experience what was undoubtedly some of last year's best vocal work.

Bad EducationTilly And The Wall
I don’t what it is, but something about this song just grabs me. I almost feel embarrassed by this fact, like it’s one of those guilty pleasures that you keep all to yourself (just pretend for the moment). But there’s no point being ashamed of music you like, just get out there and enjoy it!

Dear EmployeePapercuts
If you can get past the slightly whiney vocals, you’ll find that Papercuts make some great music.

Vintage Books - Cloud Control
It had been a quite while since I’d heard from Cloud Control, but now they’ve re-emerged with a swag of exciting new songs and an EP on the horizon. If you wanna see them live (and you should), they’re playing Spectrum this Saturday. I hear the support is pretty hot too…..


Nick Fulton said...

Thanks Peter, good advice. I'll look at making it easier to download MP3's. I hope you still found some decent NZ songs.

Peter said...

Actually I gave up! I'll go back soon though.