The Bees

The way I got into The Bees was rather bizarre. I was browsing through a $10 CD shop looking for some new music. I really didn't know what I wanted so I decided to pick something at random. These days I wouldn't dare do such a thing but alas, I was once ignorant. As fate would have it, I ended up picking The Bees' album "Free The Bees", simply because 'it looked good'. What brought me to this unfounded conlcusion is beyond me, but I'm thankful for it because the album turned out to be great. I'd never heard of The Bees before, but it seemed that around the exact same time I got this CD, I started hearing about their song 'Chicken Payback' everywhere. This quickly became a favourite, however seeing as I had the entire CD at my disposal, I eventually got to know the rest of the songs and discovered them to have a suprising amount of depth. They recently put out a new album 'Octopus' which continues with their highly impressive style. This sound of theirs definitely goes beyond the boundaries of any one patricular genre. It's kind of hybrid between pop, rock and ska. Basically it's colourful and a lot of fun. But while they're most renowned for their gimmicky songs, the best part about The Bees is that they follow this up with solid, more serious songs. Of course none of their music could be considered completely serious, but when you think of it as a sliding scale, you'll get what I mean. And to help you see that, here are two songs from each of their last two albums; one from each end of the scale.

Chicken Payback - Quite possibly the most hilarious song ever written. Absolutely perfect for drunken gatherings and school discos alike.

Horsemen - After hearing the song above, you'd be forgiven for thinking these came from two different bands. Its proof of their ability to make incredibly diverse music.

End Of The Street - I'm not even going to bother trying to explain this song

Love In The Harbour - This is quite nice song that has a strong country element. The album also contains a song that is steeped in disco groove. In other words it's got everything you need in life.


Anonymous said...

peter its chris(family)

you have to search for the chicken payback video clip its fucking hilarious!

used to be on mtv a while ago im fairly sure.

Peter said...

so i've heard. i'll defintely have to give it a watch then

Oz said...

If you haven't heard it check out their debut album Sunshine Hit Me.

It's personally my favourite. Much more eclectic and laid back. It also includes a good cover of A Minha Menina.

H-Bomb said...

If by good, you mean Amazing. Their cover of A Minha Menina is fantastic.

imo, Octopus is the best album to come out this year, and one of the best ever. I'd put it near the top of my top 10 without hesitation.