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I have been familiar with Voxtrot for a while now. This is strange because rarely do I pay attention to EPs released by overseas bands and yet with Voxtrot I was getting excited by the release of each successive one. What’s even stranger is that these EPs weren’t even of a calibre that would warrant such devotion. They all had their moments of brilliance, but at the same time were far from perfect. So with this in mind, what was so special about Voxtrot? The answer lies in the track list of this debut album: 11 brand new songs. They could so easily have included the best songs from their EPs and released a much stronger record, yet they chose to just make more. For this reason, I have immense respect for Voxtrot. It may all be in my head, but I feel like this band is putting the greater musical good ahead of their own interests. They simply don’t stop giving. This album continues in the same vein as their EPs. It’s brimming with youthful energy and presents you with a steady stream of indie pop gems. You may not fall in love instantly, you may not fall in love ever, but you’ll feel so much better having gotten to know the beauty within. Buy this album. Then buy their EPs. Then buy a Prius and take heart in the fact that you’re making the world a better place. Voxtrot I salute you.

Kid Gloves – Across the ages, Track 2 has often been graced with the album’s heavyweight. That definitely holds true here. This song gets better every day.

Brother In Conflict – I know I’ve already posted this song, but I wouldn’t want to give too much of their album away for free….. Besides, it is probably still my favourite.

Released: 22/05/07 | Aus: 22/05/07 | Website | Myspace


Wayne said...

I agree, congrats to Voxtrot for giving us all brand new tracks. And I am enjoying the new album, especially Brother in Conflict, Firecracker and Introduction.

syms said...

you comin to the basics tomo? you even in sydders?

4indie said...

Voxtrot had their video for “Firecracker” premiere on mtvU this week: