Monday Mix #7

Nag Nag Nag Nag - Art Brut
I really enjoyed Art Brut’s first album, however I never felt they’d be able to transform their sound from a novelty into a distinct style. But after listening to some of their newer material, I think they’ve pulled it off. Their next album probably won’t compare to the first, but it will definitely be worth a look.

One Two Three FourFeist
I never seem to be able to get into Feist whole-heartedly, but with a voice like hers, I’ll always have a reason to keep coming back.

Cop PopThe Cops
I’m not too happy with the direction that The Cops have taken with their new album, though I really should listen to the whole thing before doing any judging. However that would involve either going to a shop or begging their label to give it to me free, both of which require far more effort than I’m willing to expend.

Walking For Two HoursThe Twilight Sad
I’d always thought that accents were transcended in music, but apparently not. It’s a shame because I think this band could have been brilliant if it wasn’t for that Scottish accent nagging away at me.

Grip Like A ViceThe Go! Team
Exciting times, The Go! Team are back at it. I wouldn’t call this song ground-breaking but it certainly shows a lot of promise. I’m assuming the next record will focus much less on samples (you can thank the ‘legal system’ for that one), so it will be interesting to see whether they’ll still have their old spark.

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Anonymous said...

the cops are amazing... you should listen to the album because I have had "drop it in their laps" on the cd player for ages and it is fantastic!